How Helix Jump Reached Over Half a Million Installs with Advertise YZ at a CPI of $0.21


Voodoo and their new hyper-casual gaming app, Helix Jump, were interested in reaching a new demographic across the US, in the most cost-effective way. Partnering up with Advertise YZ for the first time, we developed a comprehensive influencer strategy to adapt their current campaigns to social through impactful creatives and niche-related influencers.

What were the campaign goals?

Voodoo came to Advertise YZ in hopes of acquiring new users, outside of traditional marketing channels and as a result, decided to test Snapchat influencer marketing. They entrusted us with their first Snapchat influencer marketing campaign that would spread awareness of their new game at scale while lowering their CPI from conventional channels.

What did Advertise YZ do?

Advertise YZ understood that mobile hyper-casual gaming apps were suitable for all demographics. Thus, choosing the relevant influencers to promote Helix Jump was a simple task, as the entire network would be effective in promoting Helix Jump.

All Advertise YZ needed to do was produce a creative that appealed to the everyday Snapchat follower. As a result, we decided to go with the product demonstration approach, where we showed a piece of gameplay paired with a “meme” caption.

Advertise YZ ensured that the creatives would follow the organic nature of the Snapchat influencer’s posts by natively promoting a 10 to 15-second ad in-between their regular organic posts — effectively maximizing engagement with the ad.


The results were impressive. The first campaign delivered an incredibly strong CPI of $0.21, and, upon seeing this low CPI with D1 retention rates of 58%, Voodoo immediately scaled their efforts with follow-up campaigns.

YZ’s user acquisition strategy proved fruitful, as well, with the campaign attracting high-quality traffic to the app based on intuitive optimization of specific influencers.


Average CPI


Average CR


Impressions Delivered

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